Opti Push Up Bars Review (What the Sites Selling Them Don’t Tell You)

Opti Push Up Bars Review (What the Sites Selling Them Don’t Tell You) post thumbnail image

In the UK, Opti Push Up Bars are primarily sold by Argos. A few other sites sell them as well but, like Argos, none of them tells you the things you need to know. Important things like what the bars are made of and how much weight they can take.

In this review, I’m going to spill the beans about Opti Push Up Bars and why I think they are dangerous. I’m also going to provide a warning about buying online from Argos. My experience with this exercise product was poor from start to finish and Argos is refusing to give me a refund.

This is what Argos says about Opti Push Up Bars:

“These Opti Push-Up Bars are a great tool to develop define sharp pectoral muscles, powerful biceps and triceps. Work out your stomach and abs to maximize your muscle toning routine. While the different positioning of the stands quickly target different muscle groups.”

Argos also states the push-up bars have angled handles, to prevent wrist fatigue, and padded foam handles to provide a secure grip.

And that’s all it says. The other sites that are selling Opti Push Up Bars are telling a similar story. None of them mentions these push-up bars are made from plastic.

I used to have some very good push up bars but got rid of them before I went travelling. They were made of metal. In my ignorance, I thought all push-up bars were made of metal. Argos has proven me wrong.

The picture on the Argos website is quite deceptive. I never dreamt the item I was looking at could be made from hollow plastic tubes so I got a surprise when I opened the box.

However, the bars snap together perfectly with no wobble or play. They are very well made, it’s the choice of material that’s the problem.

Opti Push Up Bars come with an exercise guide; I must mention that in the review in the interest of fairness because not all push-up bars have this type of handy addition.

The metal push up stands I bought to use instead of these plastic ones are a good example. They are nice and strong but do not come with a leaflet that provides exercise guidance.

Opti Push Up Bars

The exercise guide states Opti Push Up Bars are unsuitable for anyone who weighs more than 90 kg. I weigh more than 90 kg. Many men do and, when you exercise and build muscle, you get heavier.

I weigh around 100kg. Out of curiosity, I put the push-up bars on the floor, took hold of them and leant a little weight on them. They started to bend so easily, I think they would struggle to support anyone who is 90 kg. I also think they are very dangerous.

Anyone who has experience using push up bars may not read the leaflet. If they are too heavy for the plastic, and it breaks, they could end up with broken wrists. A child may be able to use them safely. A light lady may be able to use them too and, of course, guys who are not too heavy but Opti Push Up Bars are more like a toy for children than a serious exercise aid. Argos and the other sites that are selling this product need to make it clear it is made from plastic and 90 kg is the maximum weight it can take. It’s important information customers need to know.

At the time of this review, Opti Push Up Bars cost £11.00 if you buy them from Argos. Some other sites charge a couple of pounds less but, even then, they are not worth the money.

I have bought some metal push up stands from Amazon and they only cost me £9.00. They are very strong and a little taller. I’ll review them later after I’ve given them plenty of use.

At the start of this review, I said I was going to provide a warning about buying online from Argos. Here it is: DON’T USE A VIRTUAL CARD.

I use virtual cards for all my online payments and have never had any problems before but the manager at my local Argos told me it was impossible to apply a refund to a virtual card and she would not refund me in cash. She forced me to take an Argos gift card. That’s no use to me. I’ve rarely bought from Argos in the past and do not plan on having anything to do with the company again.

I contacted Argos via Live Chat and got nowhere. That’s another reason why I won’t be using Argos in the future.

If you are considering buying a set of Opti Push Up Bars, I hope the information in this review has been useful. Although it’s a little off-topic, if you use virtual cards to shop online, I hope the Argos warning is useful to you as well.


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