Wilko V Style Bicycle Brake Pads Review

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This is going to be one of my shortest reviews because, when you are dealing with bicycle brake pads, there really isn’t much to say. Either they are worth the money or they are not.

After replacing the front and back brake pads on my bike with Wilko V Style brake pads a couple of times, I believe they are worth the money.

Unless there are stock replenishment issues, Wilko V style brake pads are generally available from most Wilko stores and are also easy to buy online from the the Wiklo website.

Each pack contains two brake pads. Thats enough to provide stopping power to one wheel only and, at the time of this review, Wilko V style brake pads cost £6 per pack. So, if you need to replace the brake pads on both wheels, you will be looking at a total cost of £12.

Unfortunatley, you will need to add £4.95 delivery charge if you are shopping online. That’s for home delivery. It’s £2 cheaper if you have your Wilko order delivered to a Hermes/Evri pickup location.

At £6 per wheel, I feel the price is reasonable becase these bicycle brake pads from Wilko work well and are also pretty durable. I’ve paid more for alternative V style brake pads that were not nearly as good. Although they had similar stopping power, they did not last nearly as long as these brake pads from Wilko.

However, although I am impressed with Wilko’s V style brake pads, I would have to think twice about buying them online. The delivery charge puts me off but I am fortunate enough to have a local branch of the store close to my home so I can buy Wilko products without having to worry about the home delivery charge.

I’m going to end this review by saying that, unless you have to order them online and pay a delivery charge, Wilko V style brake pads offer good value for money. I’ve bought them before and I will buy them again.

I’m also going to give you a tip in case you are not used to replacing V style bicycle brake pads, Before you undo the locknuts, take a look at the way the spacers and washers are situated. This will help you to avoid any mistakes during the brake pad installation.

To make things even easier, take good look at the pictuoure below. It shows you where the lug on your bicycle brake caliper is meant to go.

Where to Insert Brake Caliper Lug in Brake Pad

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