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Mo Health Blend & Go Blender Review

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I’m going to begin this review on a negative note by letting you know the Mo Health Blend & Go blender is not very good.

However, I am not knocking the Mo Health Brand. Only the blender. I have other Mo Health kitchen appliances that work very well.

In fact, the main reason I chose the Mo Health Blend & Go was that I’ve had good experiences with my Mo Health air fry and 3-tier steamer. Unfortunately, I had a bad feeling about this blender right from the start. The first time I turned it on it emitted a burning smell from the motor.

That encouraged me to do something I don’t normally do. Instead of throwing away the receipt, I put it somewhere safe. Then I folded the box flat instead of tossing it in the bin. I had a feeling I may be needing it again.

I bought the blender from B&M Bargains. It only cost me £20, so I can’t complain about the price. I took a look at the other options in-store and, although I was willing to pay more, I thought the Blend & Go would be the best blender to meet my needs. I only wanted to make occasional fruit smoothies so I did not need the additional gadgets that were included with some of the alternative options.


What’s In the Box

The box contains the blender base and two plastic beakers. Both of the beakers have screw-on caps with flip-up lids that allow you to drink from the beakers without unscrewing the top.

I never needed the caps. On the few occasions I used the blender I drank the smoothies straight away but the caps are a good idea and very handy for people who like to make smoothies and then take them to work or on day trips, picnics, etc. I just took a look at the box and see they call the beakers sports bottles. That’s as good a name as any.

The fourth and final item is the screw-on device that contains the blades. They are very thin, Too thin in my opinion. When I saw how thin the blades were, I did some research and was not surprised to discover Blend & Go customer reviews that mention problems with the blades bending.

Mo Health Blend & Go: Just look how thin the blades are! It's a recipe for disaster. Who wants a blender that's so likely to go on a bender?

Oops! Nearly forgot. There is an instruction manual/recipe book inside the box as well. It’s more of a pamphlet really. It’s only got 12 pages. That’s including the front and back covers.


Other Things to Know

After you put your fruit, milk, etc into the sports bottle, you screw on the device that has the blades. After you have done that, you place the assembly onto the base unit. It’s a bayonet-type fitting. All it takes is a little twist to hold the sports bottle-blades assembly in place. The Mo Health Blend & Go is very easy to use.

The Mo Health Blend & Go has two-speed settings plus a pulse action that allows you to blend in short bursts. When you turn the knob anticlockwise, it activates the motor until you let go. With the other two settings, you do not need to keep hold of the knob. Setting one is quite fast. Setting two is faster still.

The first option is for “light blending of liquids.” The second on for “more solid food mixtures.” That’s me quoting from the instruction book, by the way.

The instruction pamphlet warns against blending for more than one minute. After that, you need to allow the base to cool down for five minutes. That seems like a pretty poor state of affairs to me. When I read that, it didn’t do much to boost my confidence.

My Experience Using the Mo Health Blend & Go

I’m being as fair as I can with this review but I must point out I never used my Mo Health Blend & Go blender to blend anything too tough or solid. All I use it for was to make fruit smoothies. Each one contained one banana, one kiwi fruit, and some milk.

As per the instruction book guidelines, I kept everything small by breaking the banana into several pieces and cutting the kiwi fruit into slices.

I never used the blender for more than a minute. Not once.

However, as soon as the motor started, it emitted a smell that suggested it may be burning out. The smell never went away. I got it every time.

I bought My Mo Health Blend & Go on the 19th of October. The last time I tried to use it was today (1st December). That’s around six weeks between using it for the first time and it giving up the ghost. In total, I probably only used the blender 8-12 times and the smell was always there.

Today, I planned to make a raspberry milkshake. That was a first but I’d got the raspberries at a bargain price and they looked very nice.

Out came the sports bottle. In went the raspberries and milk. Then, when I tried to blend them, nothing happened. There was a quiet click, the blades moved a fraction, and the motor called it a day.

I had to throw out the raspberries. That sucks. It’s annoying and it cost me money. I don’t like throwing food away. Now I have put the blender back in its original box, found the receipt, and plan to get a refund tomorrow.

If you are reading this review because you are thinking about buying a Mo Health Blend & Go blender, my advice is to think again. It’s not up to the job or fit for purpose and it doesn’t surprise me to see the base of the box says it’s made in China. Although some Chinese factories produce some pretty good stuff, many of them produce a lot of crap. That’s my opinion of Blend and Go⸺it’s crap! Sorry if that sounds harsh. I’m just telling it like it is.

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